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Free IT consultation

Book a demo with us today.

Experience the power of phone analytics

Switchvox is everything you need and more

Switchvox is a powerful phone solution that enables you to get analytics, mobile apps, call recording, call routing, presence, and much more, and Tenacity are proud to be certified partners with them.

Why use Switchvox?

Full reporting to increase revenue

Fully customisable Switchboard

Apps & Integrations

Advanced Call Queue Features

Full suite of analytics

See exactly how many calls come in throughout the day and most importantly, how many calls are missed. This enables you to see any gaps in how your reception desk takes calls.

Real time live calls

See what calls are taking place in real time, along with how many are on hold and for how long.

Call logs

Get a complete overview of your calls during any day, month or year to help you make bette business decisions.

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