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Windows 11, all you need to know

So Microsoft surprised us all last week when they revealed they are going to be releasing Windows 11 later this year, more surprising was the fact they initially said Windows 10 would be their last operating system, but we aren't complaining. There is a fresh new look, new direction with apps and much more, and in this article we are going to go over the best things we have seen as far!

Android apps now on Windows

So the biggest news they dropped was that Android apps will now run on Windows natively. So if you love Instagram, Tik Tok or any other apps you use on your android phone, you can also have access to those apps on our Windows machine. It does come with a few caveats though. So in order for this to work, Microsoft has partnered with Amazon, so in order for your apps to run on Windows you will need a Windows store account (obviously) and then when you want to install an Android app, you will then have to be signed into an Amazon account in order for the app to be installed. This is all because the apps are actually coming from the Amazon App store as opposed to directly from the Windows App store. So essentially what you are getting is the Amazon App store loaded into your Windows computer, not exactly what the headlines say, but it is close enough.

A fresh UI

It is no surprise that a new operating system brings a new look. But this redesign really looks to ramp up the visual design of Windows and bring it into the modern look we are more used to these days. Remember the interface Vista had back in the day? Well it looks as though they are taking reference from that mixed with the sleekness you often see with Mac systems. A translucent glassy look really gives this new system a nicer, premium look in our opinion. The start button is now placed at the centre of the main toolbar, weird we know but it goes with the logic of Windows being at the centre of your computer eco system. We are sure users will have the option to put it back in the bottom left for anyone who's muscle memory can't get used to that change in location.


Now users will have the option to add widgets to their desktop view, enabling you to plug in your most important apps and info all within the click of a button, calendars, maps, news, notes and all that good stuff. Most other operating systems have used this feature before, but now it looks like Microsoft is wanting to ramp up their use of this feature.

Goodbye Skype, hello Teams.

In what many think is a weird move, Teams is now interacted into the operating system as standard. Covid changed the way we work and Teams was an app that enabled companies and employees to work from home with ease. Knowing this, Microsoft have now decided Teams is an app that needs to be on all operating systems, sounds like a good move right? However if we cast our minds back, Microsoft purchased Skype for a record $8.5 billion! However updates to the app have lead to users getting frustrated with the app, leading people to move over to Teams. To us at Tenacity, who use Teams every day, we think it is a smart move to push forward with Teams, which is the way the world is going. The real question is, will people be wanting to use Teams for general video calling purposes like they used to with Skype?

Window management controls

This looks to be a great new feature. Many people work on many screens, with 1 screen not being enough. But sometimes you just have to make so with 1 screen. The window controls on Windows 11 takes forward a function Windows already does so well, when pressing the maximise button, you can load up your app Windows in almost custom displays to ensure you can still see and use all your screens at once.

© Jack Royle, Tenacity, July 2021


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