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How to be an eco friendly IT company

Tenacity IT is based in Sheffield, and we like many really value the beautiful environment in which we are lucky to call our home.

Tesla Tenacity IT Support Sheffield

As an IT & Telecoms support company that operates throughout the UK, there is potential for a huge environmental footprint. We have a team of 10 full time engineers that are able to provide responsive support across the UK, whilst also managing, maintaining and installing hundreds of PCs, phone systems and servers. It is through thoughtful planning and strategy that we think, we are doing our best to be as green as possible, here's how: Electric Cars:

We as a company encourage electric and hybrid cars. Currently we have three Teslas, a fully electric Jaguar and a hybrid car. We are able to use these cars whenever we travel around the country, drastically reducing our environmental impact. We calculated that one of our cars travels on average 40,000 miles a year which if petrol would generate over 12 tonnes of Co2, but in an electric car equals 3.84 tonnes of Co2. Plus the Teslas and the Jaguar are really cool cars.

Recycling PC's:

Around 6 times a year we recycle all our hardware; PCs, servers, telephones and parts. This usually is a small mountain of heavy things, usually weighing as much as a small car. This hardware is then sent off to a sorting plant, where parts will be upcycled and used in other PCs or broken down and used as materials for manufacturing. Due to the large amount of plastics and metals used in technology, recycling really is a must for old or broken items you want to get rid of. The alternative is burning them down and releasing toxic fumes or landfill where the items will take hundreds of years to break down.


It’s a lot easier than it sounds. We communicate internally via Microsoft Teams so we never need to print anything. We also encourage staff to write notes electronically with the added benefits of them being accessible from anywhere in the world and they are a lot harder to lose.

WFH (Working from Home) + Remote Audits:

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, Tenacity encouraged staff to work from home a couple of days a week. Whilst working from home allows for an improved work-life balance, it also reduces our footprint by cutting down on the amount of commuting. We are now increasing the amount of remote audits and consultations as we have software that is able to analyse a site and reduces the need for a physical site visit. Cloud:

We encourage our clients where possible to store data on the cloud as opposed to a local server. Whilst there is an existing benefit of the data being more secure, not having to use a local server drastically reduces the amount of electricity consumed by us and our clients. The need to service or repair the server which would come with emissions from travelling to the site is completely removed. More efficient hardware:

As technology improves it becomes a lot more efficient. Hardware is increasingly manufactured with aggressive power saving measures; automatic power off, lower power modes and so on. Having newer hardware reduces the amount of energy used through increased efficiency. But remember to recycle your old hardware!

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