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Disappearing Forms and how to retrieve them

The joys of sending out a questionnaire on Microsoft forms, only for the form and the responses to disappear in to the air… But fear not, we had this happen at Tenacity, and this is how we got those valuable responses back.

Step 1:

Find the Forms ID.

This is a long code at the end of the URL used to identify the form. This will look something like:


This can be found by the link sent to share the original form. I shared the original in a Microsoft Teams chat, so I was able to locate it there. Copy this into notes as you'll need this in a few steps.

The url before this part will look like this:

Step 2:

Copy the first part of the URL as shown above.

Paste this into your browser address bar.

Change the ResponsePage.aspx?id into DesignPage.aspx#FormId

Step 3:

Once this design page change has been made, copy and paste your form ID back into the web address bar, so it should look like this:


Step 4:

Hit enter!

Hopefully this should take you to your Form. This has worked for the majority of users reporting this problem, if this doesn't work however it's probably gone forever. We recommend doing a test first and getting email alerts for responses as this seems to secure the form and its existence.

© Elliot Cheeseman, Tenacity, May 2021


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