10 warning signs that your IT needs an upgrade

Upgrading your IT can be a daunting task, but it is even worse if you have left it for years by ignoring the warning signs. In today's article we go over the top 10 warning signs that you need to look out for to see if you need an IT upgrade.

1. You have no idea if your backup system is working, or it's a USB drive hanging off the server.

If the worst happens, and a disaster strikes to your network or server, or there is a security breach, you may need to recover your data and server from backup. Are you sure that your backup system is effective, that it has been working every day, and that the data is restorable, quickly and efficiently?

2. Your phones are ancient, and the phone system is a box on the wall that is so old you can't remember when it went in.

Businesses often leave their phone systems in place for years if not decades, and this may not only be costing a lot more than it could be, but could be really holding your business back - missed calls, poor call handling, no integration to the rest of your business processes and software. A modern capable phone system is vital for customer and internal communications.

3. Everyone knows your WiFi password.

Your WiFi should be considered as part of your security review - you need to be sure that your WiFi devices are distinguishing between local trusted users and guest users, and that both are secure. Are the devices up to date and set to the latest security protocols?

4. Your cabling and IT infrastructure is such a mess no-one knows what goes where or what equipment is which.

Networks evolve over time and this is entirely normal; parts get changed and other equipment added, additional network points are installed, or your Internet is changed. Over the years your cabling infrastructure and core network can become quite a mess of cables and equipment, unlabelled and untidy. This becomes a significant issue when and if disaster recovery situations occur; figuring out and fixing a messy network is likely to take a lot longer.

5. Your computers take ages to start up and shut down and are generally slow.