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What a quality IT support service should look like

In such a heavily competitive market, the level of quality and service is often overlooked by businesses looking for IT support. Often we find that clients have been tied into long contracts with the level of service declining as the contract continues, or that the provider offering cheap prices is unable to offer responsive and reliable IT support. With these things in mind, here's what a quality support service would look like.

Corporate IT Strategy

Building the foundations for your businesses needs and aspirations, a corporate IT strategy will assess where your business currently is with its IT infrastructure, cyber security and telephone systems. From here, a strategy would be designed aimed at improving these areas and achieving goals set by the business- for example increasing profit and efficiency. As an IT support provider we would then work with you to ensure you meet these targets and advise through the process.

Service Level Agreements

The vast majority of IT support contracts will have SLAs (service level agreements) in which the support provider will agree to always meet the minimum requirements set out. At Tenacity we believe that our performance should be regularly analysed against the SLA for each client in order to ensure that we are meeting the expected service levels.

Virtual Director

Large nationwide or international businesses are able to employ IT Directors as they have the means and size required to. However, for many medium-large businesses a full time IT Director is simply not viable or necessary. It is however included in our service, giving you a go to IT director to consult with whenever you need to. This really is a great service to have access to.

Cost effective solutions

The solution to IT issues is not always to replace the hardware, sometimes elements need upgrading or there is a fault. Having an IT support provider that understands this and genuinely wants to find the best solution to a problem will likely save you thousands of pounds over the contract.

If any of these things aren't included with your current provider or you didn't even know they were an option, we think its time to find a new IT support provider as your business could definitely do better.

© Elliot Cheeseman, Tenacity, May 2021


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