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Outsourced IT

Outsourcing IT support is becoming increasingly universal for businesses as they look to reduce costs, increase efficiency and ultimately to be more secure. Tenacity have been providing outsourced IT support for over 20 years and pride ourselves on impeccable customer service and efficient resolution times. We believe our flexible, knowledgeable and scalable support service.

Free IT consultation

We're confident you'll love our services, so have a 3 month free trial on us.

Free IT consultation

We're confident you'll love our services, so have a 3 month free trial on us.

What is outsourced IT support?

Outsourced IT support is using an external company like Tenacity IT Ltd for their IT support services. By using an outsourced IT support service you have the benefit of a fully operational IT team as if it were your own, without having the burden of employing your own team.


Tenacity prides itself on providing IT support services to start ups, SMEs and large enterprises by offering scalable, high quality support.

Cost Efficient

Employing, training and managing your own IT support team is highly expensive and often not feasible for most businesses. We build our IT support packages to suit your business needs therefore the most cost effective IT support solution.

Customer Service Quality

Our IT Helpdesk have over 20 years of experience and our high customer retention rate is down to our customer service. 90% of our calls are answered within 1 minute and always aim for an immediate fix where possible.

IT Director

Part of the Tenacity IT Support package is the use of an outsourced IT Director service. Our Director Liam McNaughton will be able to provide an IT roadmap which will provide a key strategy to move your business forward.

Specialist Support

Our IT engineers are able to offer specialist support for an array of applications and software. From Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint, to specialist logistics and accounting software, our engineers are highly knowledgeable and experienced in supporting these to our customers.

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